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Kae'Deej by mrtermini Kae'Deej by mrtermini
Kae’Deej is a member of the lajik race who hails from the eastern continent of Fendale from across the Endorei Ocean. She and her people (lajik do not actually possess gender, but humans find this difficult to understand and so they apply one to them) crossed the perilous waters to reach Palingdore ten years ago in the War of Retribution, a tragic event that was precipitated by mere ignorance on the part of both races. The war was terrible and Kae’Deej led what remained of her fayne (which was largely slaughtered just before the war and served as catalyst) against the humans, being the eldest and most powerful of her fayne left alive. It was largely through her actions and magical talents that the lajik and their kijal allies (with whom they share a symbiotic relationship) were able to split the mountains of the Ellin Wold and sink the nation of Burcosa beneath the waves of the Ridimore Ocean, erasing it from the world forever and leaving the Sunken Blacklands in its wake.

The destruction of Burcosa left Kae’Deej bereft of her powers and racked with grief for the catastrophic destruction she left in her wake. Following this, she vowed to stop the slaughter of the humans and worked instead as a diplomat and peacemaker between the two parties. Much of the lajik command opposed her actions, crying out for further vengeance, but through tireless efforts and much personal sacrifice, Kae’Deej helped to end the war and bring about a truce between the two people. Shortly following the conclusion of the negotiations though, Kae’Deej severed her empathic link to her fayne and walked away from the lajik, disappearing into the wilderness of Palingdore. Since then, she has been exploring the lands of the Sunken Blacklands and those around it, trying to heal the damage she inflicted upon it and offering what aid she can to those humans who might need it.

- While Kae’Deej worked to try and end the war and bring lajik and humans together, a group of human supremacists attempted to assassinate her. Though the attempt failed, the shaft of the bolt still remains buried in her chest, impossible to remove without risking death. It serves today as a constant reminder to her of the consequences of ignorance
- Like many lajik, Kae’Deej expresses herself more with the opening and closing of colored blossoms on her branches rather than with her voice, producing a beautiful and expressive floral display
- Kae’Deej refuses to use physical force of any kind as penance for the thousands of deaths she caused during the war
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September 25, 2009
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